Organic approach

Responsible agriculture and Social responsibility are our credo. Being organic is a way to leave a better world to our children and protect the ecosystem. We are constantly monitored by an external certification authority. We use Renewable Energy.

Talk and Touch

Vines need a "physical" contact with humans to produce a great wine. From the planting process through the growing season to the harvest, every step is strictly hand made. And it works!

Lymph System

If you want to harvest perfect grapes, vines need to be strong & healthy. We contribute to ensure a perfect lymph system practicing winter cut, green control and early grapes selection.


Modern wine making is all about expressing terroir and adapting to the effects of the climate change.

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Natural Wines

Being "Natural" doesn't mean to "leave Nature " abandoned. Vines are "domesticated plants" that can adapt to almost any climate conditions, but they need a constant human help.

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